Eye Catching - Draven + Athena

Athena was sat at her desk, her smooth legs crossed. She frowned and tied up her hair, before standing up. She was bored, and there was no business at the moment. It was barely enough to sustain her living in her small apartment in the hotel. Stepping from her office, her heels clicked against the floor, her breasts moves slightly with each step, jiggling as her cleavage showed in her tight, and short black dress.
Her toned legs were clearly visible as she moved through the hotel, the dress hardly reaching to her mid thigh. If she were to bend over, her ass would have been on show for anybody; although she wore some lacy knickers that clung to her firm, tanned ass. Sighing, she knew a lot of the men were staring, and when she entered the elevator, Athena felt a man’s hand groping her ass. Promptly turning around at the next stop, she slapped him and left the elevator. She was slightly angered as she stormed down the corridor. She wasn’t an escort, and she wasn’t asking for it as so many men seemed to think she was. Huffing, Athena made it to the lobby, and then went into the bar, needing a drink.

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    Draven groaned when he felt her pussy tighten around him. Damn it, she felt so good and the way she did what she was...
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    Athena could feel his teeth on her neck, and moved her head back even more, exposing her skin to Draven. She raised her...